Monday, August 3, 2015


A recent tweet from ( had us at THE WLKG ROLODX scratching our heads and asking the same question.

From texting while driving (sadly not limited to just kids is it) to taking selfies in the most inappropriate places, it's safe to say that kids today have either lost their minds or have no minds at all!

Now don't get us wrong - there are some really smart, productive sassy kids out there who do have common sense and who use it - we're proud of them. These are not the kids that we're referring to in this entry. We're talking about the ones who...

1) Sit next to each other and text instead of talking
2) Put in and everything on all of their social media sites - and they have plenty
3) Can't spell because they always use abbreviations when texting
4) Take selfies with tilted heads and puckered mouths (mostly girls)
5) Have no sense of the past at all - and we're talking 5 years ago - and don't want to
6) Would not know how to function if their cells, laptops or i-anything went out

We know that kids are not the only ones committing these faux pas, many adults are, too. Just look at how actress Patti LuPone had to take a theatergoer's cell phone during one of her recent performances. Rudeness rules. Insensitivity is in. Stupidity sends a shout out.

We all know the problems, the question is what's the solution? Better parental training? Specialized classes in schools? What? 

Some of our lifestyle coaches at THE WLKG ROLODX have suggested that we start with awareness - by showing the kids why their behavior isn't suitable. The next step is showing them alternatives to the negative behavior.

Hopefully we find a solution fast!